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There are three environments for testing and deploying your code integrations with Galileo APIs. The best environment to use depends on your stage of development:

  • Sandbox environment — Test API integration using a standard programprogram - The high-level definition for a group of products. A program could be a debit account, an ATM card, a prepaid card or other type of offering. and productproduct - A specific offering in a program that is differentiated from other products by the account type, account portal capability, account limitations, account messaging and alerting, and so on..
  • Client Validation environment — Test API integration with your programs and products.
  • Production environment — Deploy your code and go live.

This table provides a quick comparison of environments.

FunctionSandboxClient ValidationProduction
Uses a standard product and program.X
Test environment, no movement of real funds.XX
Uses your specific product and program configurations.XX
Access to real-world transactions like ATM withdrawals, refunds, and ACH direct deposits.X
Acts on live customer data.X
Live product, transactions move real funds.X

Sandbox environment

The Sandbox environment gives you access to a standard configuration of the Galileo Program API. This shared environment is intended to help you get familiar with the Program API before you integrate your customized programs and products.



If you are outside of the United States, your account may have additional access requirements. Contact a Galileo representative for assistance.

Sandbox usage

Use the Sandbox environment to:

  • Explore some of the methods in the Program API. See Sandbox endpoints for a list of methods available in the Sandbox environment.
  • Test a simple program (prog_id: 551) and product (prod_id: 5094) configured with typical parameters.

The Sandbox environment simulates a generic configuration. To test your own configuration, use the Client Validation environment.

Sandbox setup

Sandbox API calls are secured with client certificate validation. Before using the Sandbox, make sure you have the following:

  • A Sandbox account from Galileo. If you don't have one, use the Request Sandbox Access form.
  • Access to the Sandbox Dashboard.
  • Your client certificate, saved to your working directory. The certificate is located at the bottom of the Sandbox Dashboard under API CONNECTION DETAILS.

When you have your credentials, see the Quickstart for a brief tutorial on connecting to the API. Then see Build a Sample App to create a test account and call some common endpoints.

Sandbox endpoints

These endpoints are available in the Sandbox environment:

Client Validation environment

The CV environment is a development environment where you can integrate your programs and products with the latest Galileo APIs. You can use this environment to create test users, accounts, and cards without affecting real customer accounts.

Client Validation usage

Use the CV environment to:

  • Develop your program and product integrations with the Galileo Program API.
  • Stage upgrades and additions to your program before deploying to your production application.
  • Test your configurations without affecting customer accounts.
  • Access the latest Program API endpoints and features.
  • Simulate point-of-sale payments using the Simulate Card Authorization
  • Test the Customer Service Tool (CST).

Because CV is an isolated environment, there are some limitations. Some functionality is unavailable outside of Production:

  • Real-world transactions like ATM withdrawals or refunds are not available in CV (point-of-sale simulations are possible).
  • ACH direct deposit simulations are not available in CV.

Client Validation setup

Your Galileo representative will help you get access to the CV environment with the Galileo Connectivity Guide. Access to the CV environment will require:

  • Your IP addresses for connecting to the Program API.
  • Your URLs for Auth API and Events API webhooks.
  • Your IP addresses for accessing the CST.

Once you have your credentials, you can use your CV URL in the same way you used the Sandbox URL. Replace the Sandbox URL with the CV URL to use the CV environment. The CV environment does not require a client certificate.

Production environment

The Production environment has access to live data. Any products connected to the Production environment can affect live customer accounts.

Production usage

When you are ready to go live, use the Production environment to access live data and enable your customers to make real transactions.



Enabling certain processes in Production may require approval and coordination from the issuing bank. Your Galileo representative will work with you to identify any processes that require manual testing or third-party coordination.

Production setup

Similar to CV, your Galileo representative will work with you to collect the following information to grant you access to the Production environment:

  • Your IP addresses for connecting to the Program API (must be different from CV environment IP addresses).
  • Your preferred transfer method for RDFs.
  • Your URLs for Auth API and Events API webhooks (must be different from CV environment URLs).
  • Your IP addresses for accessing the CST and Galileo Analytics.

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